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Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TUE)

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TUE), Eindhoven, The Netherlands is the leading international university in engineering science & engineering. TUE now has 9 departments and provides 11 Bachelor’s degree programmes, 1 special Bachelor's programme, 20 Master’s degree programmes, 6 special Master’s programmes, 4 educational Master's programmes (mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science), 8 post-doctoral programmes for technological designers (Professional Doctorate in Engineering, PDEng) and various post-doctoral courses and doctorate programmes (Doctor of Philosophy, PhD). In 2007 the TUE had around 3000 employees, 240 professors, 7100 students, 190 PDEng students, 640 PhD students.
TUE participates in this project through the department of Industrial Design (ID). In consultation with industry and government, ID focuses on the development and design of user-friendly intelligent systems, products and related services in interactive environments. The ID department brings together expertise in the fields of sensor systems and signal processing for healthcare, speech and multi-modal interfaces, robotics, aware environments, applications of agent technology in user interfaces, and user modelling. The department was established in 2001, and includes 205 staff, 36 of whom are permanent full-time researchers, and the rest are part-time lecturers, administrative personnel, post-docs and Ph.D. students. The department has established joint international cooperation in both undergraduate and postgraduate (masters / doctorate) level with universities in different countries, including Carnegie Mellon University and Georgia Tech in USA, National University of Singapore, Zhejiang University and Southern Yangtze University in China, Universiti Teknikal Mara in Malaysia, Tsukuba university in Japan, Victoria University Wellington in New Zealand, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and University of Technology Sydney in Australia, University of British Colombia in Canada.

The ID department provides supervision and training for Ph.D. students through research projects and industrial collaborations. Current research topics include Human-Computer-Interaction, Multi-modal Interaction, Entertainment Computing research, Perceptive User Interfaces and Aware Environment (also known as Ambient Intelligence). Special attention is given to methodological and theoretical issues taking into consideration of users and applications. The research aims to provide generic models and frameworks in the domains of perception, cognition, interaction and communication to the extent in which these fields relate to the design of technical products and services. Prototypes are developed to test concepts.
TUE ID also provides extensive personal development programs for Ph.D. students, e.g. research skills, writing and presentation skills, cultural awareness and team working skills, and career orientation.

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Designed Intelligence
Department of Industrial Design
Den Dolech 2
5612 AZ Eindhoven - The Netherlands
contact: Prof. Matthias Rauterberg