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Queen Mary, University of London is one of London and the UK's leading research-focused higher education institutions. Amongst the largest of the colleges of the University of London, Queen Mary's 3,000 staff deliver world class degree programmes and research across a wide range of subjects in Humanities, Social Sciences and Laws, in Medicine and Dentistry and in Science and Engineering. Queen Mary was ranked 13th in the UK in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) according to the Times Higher Education. With a budget of £260 million per annum and a yearly economic impact on the UK economy of some £600 million, Queen Mary offers a strong and diverse environment to its 15,000 students. Queen Mary, as a member of the 1994 Group of research-focused universities, has made a strategic commitment to the highest quality of research, but also to the best possible educational, cultural and social experience for its students. By providing a vibrant research environment, students have access to the world's leading experts in their chosen subjects. Queen Mary's distinctiveness also arises from its commitment to an engagement with international excellence in education and research and a twin commitment to bring that engagement to bear on its London and Thames Gateway environment through educational outreach and knowledge transfer projects. Queen Mary also offers two Joint Degree Programmes to a projected population of 2,000 students in Beijing, in collaboration with our close partners, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), the first such programmes to be approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education. These programmes are a key component of our comprehensive International Strategy, which is focused around the concepts of partnership and a sustainable involvement in a range of countries around the world, as well as the value we place on our 2,800 international students. In addition, the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science has a Distance Learning program running since 7 years that caters to students in a number of countries, such as Hong Kong, Macao and Portugal.

QMUL will participate in this project, through its School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS), in providing supervision and training for Ph.D. students towards the award of a double degree, in accordance with the regulations of the University of London. As one of the UK's leading institutions for computer science and electronic engineering we offer postgraduate students a comprehensive and supportive training environment. As a member of one of our research groups, students will be accommodated in a research laboratory alongside other PhD students and full-time postdoctoral researchers. We offer well-integrated doctoral study programmes in our various areas of specialization. We also have a strong focus on interdisciplinary research, working with mathematicians, biologists, linguists and performers. Students will also have the opportunity to take lectures in modules concerning their research interest on our existing postgraduate programmes.

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Centre for Intelligent Sensing
Queen Mary University of London
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