Erasmus Mundus Fellowships & Grants

  Gross salary as employment contract
x month
Laboratory-based activity contribution
x month
Travel subsistence
x grant
Category A 2.800 € 600 € 7.500 €
Category B 2.800 € 600 € -

A Doctoral Candidate Agreement (a model is available here) will be signed with Erasmus Mundus granted Students in which monthly payments are specified (12 installments of € 2.800 each as employment contract (gross salary) and of € 600 as fixed contribution for laboratory-based course) together with the lump sum (€ 7.500) for traveling expenses (only to Category A students).
The gross amount is not intended as an employee net but as an employer gross. Therefore, each university, according to each national legislation, will deduct from the monthly amount both the employer's taxes and the employee's taxes. In average, an equivalent net salary will be guaranteed to all PhD candidates.

The expected average net salary will be around € 1.500 per month.

Each year a variable number of fellowships will be offered according to the grants provided by Erasmus Mundus.

For the first cohort ten positions have been opened