At the end of each selection stage candidate will have the possibility to appeal against the decisions of the EMJD ICE Selection and Admission Committee (SAC).

EMJD ICE Appeal Procedure
The EMJD ICE Coordinating Team composed of the EMJD ICE Coordinator, the EMJD ICE Brand Manager and the EMJD ICE Didactic Manager will be responsible on behalf of the EMJD ICE Selection and Admission Committee (SAC) to inform the applicants about the outcome of the selection phase within 15 working days from the EMJD ICE SAC final meeting.

The applicants will be informed via e-mail about the appeal procedure at least 7 working days before the deadline for submitting the appeal. The EMJD ICE Appeal Form provided to applicants contains detailed rules about how and when submitting the document.

Once received the Appeal Forms, the EMJD Coordinating Team on behalf of the consortium boards will send within five working days from the resolution of the relevant board concerning the received appeals an e-mail to the applicant stating the outcome of the appeal and the reasons for rejecting/accepting it.

Here is the file required for appleal application.